Wet Paintbrushes

Rollnes Art

Lisa and Bård. Painting, life and love.


Bård Rollnes

When he was a kid, Bård enjoyed drawing. At the age of nine, he won a large drawing contest. As well grown, he startet exploring oil painting. Here he can canalize his creative urge. Bård has painted many portraits, and he is not finished before he has caught the expression and life in the eyes of the person he is portraying. Bård is also exploring the abstract. 


Lisa Rollnes

I have always loved artistic expression, both visually and aural. It was not before I was well grown that I began exploring painting "for real". And that is FUN. Through painting I want to tell something good to the world. You could call me a "feel good artist". Let me inspire you to embrace life! 


Contact us

Eventyrveien 32a, 2016 Frogner

Bård: 98257277, Lisa: 90173933